Developer Diary #001 – Humble Beginnings

I’m going to make a game. I have no idea how. Let’s find out together!

I’m going to make a video game.

I have no idea how.

So let’s learn!

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, for the longest time I haven’t had any creative output and recently I’ve realised that doing something creative gets the brain flowing and makes me feel happier and productive. Writing scratches the itch, but since I no longer have access to the required tools for filming and editing, I decide to switch that impulse over to game creation. I don’t know what the end result will look like, but that’s half the fun.

My engine and learning tool is going to be Unity. It appears to be the most accessible and easiest to use for someone like me. There’s a lot of negative talk about it, especially when it comes to Early Access Steam titles, but that’s down to the developer, not the engine. A bad worker blames their tools.

I’ve downloaded Unity and played around with some pre-built projects, 2D Platformer, a basic racing game and the like. But I wanted to get stuck right in, so I downloaded the 2D Game Kit tutorial and tried my hand at some basic design concepts. I learned how to create a new scene, “paint it” (adding tiles), and test it. I then added a moving platform, a door which can be opened by creating an event, and then placing enemies. I then made these enemies become vulnerable to damage from objects, before finally learning how to teleport from place to place and scene to scene. However I am struggling to find how to quickly swap from one scene to another without closing one and opening a different one. I wanted to swap from one “level” to another, but had to close the level I wanted to transport from and then open the one I wanted to transport into. Perhaps there is something basic I am missing. I’ll work on finding out how to resolve this if possible.

I’ll be moving on to the Live Sessions with 2D Game Kits soon, but first I’m going to start a new scene and try to build a basic first level, complete with a sense of journey. I want to include a few puzzles by utilizing the doors and switches, as well as the moving platforms. I’ll include some pictures and perhaps even a video to attach the next time I update this diary.

Thanks for reading and starting this journey with me! I’ll try to keep this updated weekly, mainly for my own personal sanity to see how well I’m progressing.

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