Doctor Who As Told By Screenshots: S2 E1 ‘The Christmas Invasion’

Whooshing count: 9
2016-09-06 (2).png
Can’t be that hard, you didn’t visit any other planets in the last series.
2016-09-06 (3).png
New series, same jokes.
2016-09-06 (4).png
Ahhh, penis jokes.
2016-09-06 (6).png
This is what you call character development.


Though I do love this interaction. 10’s facials reactions are brilliant.
2016-09-06 (16).png
That’s a rude thing to say about Matt Jones.
2016-09-06 (19).png
Thus begins this season’s buzzword.
2016-09-06 (20).png
Is she quoting the fans here?
2016-09-06 (25).png
2016-09-06 (28).png
You’re laughing now…
The box gets a better description than the girl.
2016-09-06 (33).png
Unless you’re a woman.
2016-09-06 (36).png
Looks like the return of a one night stand.


Does hair dye not work on Time Lord hair?


2016-09-06 (52).png
There’s an ‘Arthur’s Fist’ meme here but I’m too lazy.
2016-09-06 (53).png
He looks genuinely shocked that he got hurt in a sword fight.
2016-09-06 (65).png
2016-09-06 (70).png
I need to know more about this. This is what Journey to the Center of the TARDIS should have been about.
2016-09-06 (74).png
That hasn’t stopped people before.

Last episode: S1 E13 ‘The Parting of Ways’


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