Doctor Who As Told By Screenshots: S1 E8 ‘Father’s Day’

One of my favourite episodes of the new series. I wish they’d revisit the concept or just remake it with a different set of characters.

2016-08-30 (1).png
Not the most flattering photo.
2016-08-30 (2).png
Well, that’s not ominous as hell.

2016-08-30 (3)

2016-08-30 (4)
I think this is supposed to be a spin on the L.P. Hartley line, but it doesn’t really work. But forget all that and look at his face.
2016-08-30 (5).png
You’re in a time-travel show love.
2016-08-30 (6).png
Director: “I want a close up. No, closer. Closer. CLOSER.”

2016-08-30 (7)2016-08-30 (8)

2016-08-30 (9)
Mate, he’s a Time Lord. Royalty. Fairly sure he’s exempt from the rules.
2016-08-30 (10).png
Proof that it is indeed what’s on the inside that counts.
2016-08-30 (11).png
No comment.

2016-08-30 (12)

2016-08-30 (13)
You won’t be laughing when you’re dead.
2016-08-30 (14).png
Reapers still terrify me to this day.
2016-08-30 (15).png
Good advice in general.
2016-08-30 (19).png
Don’t make a big deal out of it mate, it’s some weird fetish that’s been around for a while.
2016-08-30 (16).png
Not sure about the new Harry Potter title, The Car That Should Have Killed Me.

2016-08-30 (17)

2016-08-30 (18)

Last episode: S1 E7 ‘The Long Game’


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