Doctor Who As Told By Screenshots: S1 E6 ‘Dalek’

Another great episode. Where we find the Doctor and Rose in the far-off year of…

2016-08-27 (1).png
Very true.
2016-08-27 (2)
Just in case you haven’t caught on to the Bad Wolf theme yet.
2016-08-27 (3).png
If only.
2016-08-27 (4).png
This joke gets used by Tennant in a later episode.

2016-08-27 (6)2016-08-27 (7)2016-08-27 (8)

2016-08-27 (9)
I think this is the plot for about seven or eight episodes of this show.

2016-08-27 (10)2016-08-27 (11)

2016-08-27 (12)
*Kill Bill Siren plays in the background*
2016-08-27 (13).png
One of the many names that Daft Punk were going to use.
2016-08-27 (14).png
Director: ‘Extras, you have one job. Don’t stare into the camera lens’. Extra:
2016-08-27 (15).png
Give us your best Pac-Man impression.
2016-08-27 (16).png
If a Dalek could cry…
2016-08-27 (18).png
‘What are Twitter trolls?’
2016-08-27 (19).png
That’s true, he’s made so many films.

2016-08-27 (21)

2016-08-27 (22)
This is why you don’t quip in front of a Dalek.

2016-08-27 (23)2016-08-27 (24)

2016-08-27 (25)
Know I understand why it wants to kill everything.

2016-08-27 (27)2016-08-27 (28)2016-08-27 (29)2016-08-27 (32)

2016-08-27 (33)
I’ve made a huge mistake.
2016-08-27 (34).png
It’s literally killed around 10 people, all who tried shooting it. That didn’t work, are you thick?
2016-08-27 (35).png
A Dalek sits in the rain so no-one can see it cry.
2016-08-27 (36).png
It’s that time of the week again everyone, BBC budget time.

2016-08-27 (37)

2016-08-27 (38)
Probably not the best time for jokes.

2016-08-27 (39)2016-08-27 (40)

2016-08-27 (41)
*vein bursts*
2016-08-27 (42).png
That’s the worst insult he’s received in 900 years.

Last episode: S1 E5 ‘World War Three’


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